Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sharon Ricklin Jones New Book!!!!! -Song of Memory

     Sharon Ricklin Jones, now the author of five beautifully written romance novel and one work in progress has been writing her books since the homeschooling of her youngest child. She is now working on her newest romance novel, and with excitement, I'm here to anounce that it is going to be awesome!
     Ravenswynd Legends was her first novel ever published, a juicy vampiric story about a set of twins entwined in fate, love, passion and and all things vampiric! Emrys, her main eye candy is dashing and will entangle you in his charm and whispers of desire. Yet of course, there is always evil where there is good. There must be balance like ying and yang. His beloved one of the twins is in danger! Which side of the ying and yang will prevail?

     The Ravenswynd series is split into four novel. Find them all on Amazon and Creatspace for paperback and kindle editions.


     River of Time, another of Sharon's novels is a bit different from her other stories. You will never find another like it. Sent back in time, her main character is set on a journey, one that she sought after to change the past and create a new future for herself. The way it begins, you will never guess; jumping off a bridge into the deep, dark and bitter cold river.

     Here comes the newest of the novels written by Sharon Ricklin Jones; Song of Memory, soon to be published!

     Congratulation Sharon on all your hard work, sweat and tears; as well as time, love and passion into writing the stories you love.Take a look into her hard work!

                                                Titles of Ravenswynd series in order:

You can order them all on Amazon and Creatspace.
Thank you and enjoy!

Link to Ravenswynd Legends on Amazon: 

Ravenswynd Legnds: Book 1 book trailer

River of Time book trailer

Song of Memory book trailer (coming soon!)