Monday, July 18, 2011

Writing... and a shower?

    I was in the shower this morning, thinking about a lot of things. One thing included this blog and what I've done with it so far. I've only just started but I feel better about myself. Writing really is my life, and it's the walls I build my kingdom with.
    Of course I'd love this to my castle, but my imagination isn't quite old enough or experienced enough to be as beautiful. Although, we all sing in the shower, this is my best place to be when I need to think of something to help finish my novel. The shower.... I know, weird huh? Seriously, it works. You start singing random words. That's what I do, and it leads me to a possible scene that can finish my latest chapters or poetry. It's strange. Who would have thought that a shower would be my place of knowledge? A lot of the time, I only receive small bits and pieces that I later connect the dots with. Like this is the clue to the riddle, or this is the right answer to my question. Don't you just love it when you've written questions that help you bind a book together, and suddenly, you'll be talking to some one and just see it or hear it?? You'll know that THIS IS IT! I've found that missing puzzle piece, or what I need to do to make sure that my character doesn't die, or find a way to make something more mysterious. I've had a few shining moments where I was speaking to someone and randomly received a smack in the face by an answer to all my problems. (Well, not all of them. Just the ones that concern my latest scenes, or the ones near the end of the book).
    Another way I try to calm myself and find hidden ideas in objects is I look at old family pictures, and/or just pictures in general. Your brain starts to work and you start to think.

 what would it be like if this?

 What would I see?

What would I smell?

How could this have happened?

 Remember when?

    This photo is of when I was five years old. :) Ohhh, the memories. I used to wake up at the crack of dawn, climb on the counters and eat oreos for breakfast! Long before my mother or father would wake up. Sadly, I don't have a picture for that. The right photo is of my cousin Hazel and myself. It was a recent birthday party that was Hawaiian themed. So we had flower necklaces and hats and coconut bras.

    Looking at pictures that make you wonder and think is a way to get your mind creatively up and running. This for instance makes me think.
My friend took this picture at a My Chemical Romance concert. It actually looks really cool! I got goosebumps when I first saw it, and to this day, I have no clue why! Just to think for yourself? What are you thinking at this very second? Get your creative juices flowing.
Another type of photo to look at, a funny memory of something you or someone else did. I was going through my stuff to give away and I asked a few of my friends if they wanted anything before we gave it all to Good Will. My friend threw on a silly hat, one of my bras and acted like a pirate for the next hour! :) Doesn't it just make you smile? I know I do everytime I think about it. We laughed and giggled and I enjoyed myself.
I hope this blog has made you smile, laugh and help you find a way to write easier.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. I always smile when I see your face, Rach!
    You really do take after your granny...I get lots of cool ideas in the shower...go figure!


  2. It's so cute that you used that photo of when you were little...I almost used it on my blog lastnight!! (did you see it yet? It's all about YOU!)