Saturday, September 17, 2011

Love Within

    What does it mean to love? What is love? People take love for granted. It's more precious than anyone could ever think. The way someone makes you feel when they just look at you, or hold your hand. The way he teases you in the cutest of ways. When he gives you a comment, your heart flutters. Of course love for everyone is different. Not everyone has a "romantic movie moment" that some people have like a kiss in the rain, or running after your boyfriend because you were sorry to only  run into his arms and kiss him like there's no tomorrow. 
    I know that only four people ever made me feel extremely fluttery and nervous around them. I also know that I truly only loved two people. Three of them broke my heart. 
   I think that the opposite of love is loneliness because whenever I don't love, I feel alone. You can only do so much if it isn't enough. Love scares some people. Guys may say it in a relationship, but they don't always truly mean what they say. It's sad to think about how many people's hearts have been broken because the guy/girl can't make up their mind, figure out what they want, or use you. Everybody lies. The lies that cut the deepest always have to do with love, whether it be from your best friend, your lover, and some.
    I know that love to me is magical. It is everything. I may be young, but everybody loves. Everyone gets heartbroken. Even me.
Between my fingers is where he belonged and yet, it wasn't enough for him. Now look at me, I feel alone and just angry. I wish I could turn my heart into cold steel. All I wanted was you.

    Seeing you everyday pains me because I am no longer standing next to you when you walk away.
    Loving you everyday kills me because I am no longer in your arms like I wished for yesterday.
    Knowing you thrills me because I am no longer sad on my own like today.
    But wanting you everyday when I can't have you is the worst because you no longer love me enough to stay.
    This is how we were before you figured out I wasn't good enough for you to love me anymore. But you wouldn't care even if you remembered. If you loved me in the first place, you would have stayed.

Unlove you by Elise Estrada (: <3
Impossible by Mans Zelmerlov
Jupiter by Katy Mckallister Ft. Shannon Mckallister
I hope you're all having a better day and weekend then I am.
End Relationship: 9/15 </3

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