Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forever And Always

Forever and Always

You’re all that I want,
And all that I do miss,
As your smell still lingers on my jacket,
And your touch still slowly plays on my arm.
So much about you has made me realize that you were so perfect,
In every possible way,
Yet I could not see,
Till after you left me.
Is all that I’ll ever love forever and always gone?
Or is it just the fight that can separate a soul?
And break a heart,
But not harm him one bit,
Not even a tear,
Not even a tear he has shed,
Not for a single kiss we’ve shared,
When our lips brushed upon,
Smooth as they are,
Yet full of love and passion.
How can it not pain him?
When all I ever feel is yearning for his every glance,
And every part of his heart,
Greedy as I may,
Not for money,
But for the love that we once shared.
Will we be apart in a rut of forever and always?
Will I keep this fluttery feeling for you till you come back?
I do miss you,
Hope do I plead that you will come back,
One day saying, “I love you, forever and always.”
Or is that asking too much?

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