Friday, December 2, 2011

Under this Mask

Under this Mask
Under this mask that protects me dear,
Can you see the lies?
Under these covered eyes and ears,
Is it you hearing my shattered cries?
Under all this scar-filled skin,
Can you see through my disguise?

Under every faint beat of the heart,
When you can’t find the courage or the will to start,
Under the tears and blood on my face,
Do you see the empty space?
Under my truths,
Do you see my youth?

Under the attitude that I can’t control,
I, think I was given an unchangeable role,
Under this self-governing queen,
Why am I still searching for the perfect king?
Under all the bruises, scars, and busted lip,
Oh, that witch has got you whipped,
Under my pressure of being a good friend,
I am in a skirmish match until the end.

Under the struggle of being better and best,
I lost my true qualities,
Under all my long dyed hair,
Do my dreams and aims even compare?
Under this held up mask,
Oh no, here I am,
I seemed to have appeared.

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  1. Is this one of YOUR poems, Rach?

    Cool blog and photos!