Sunday, January 8, 2012

From Ice to Fire, From Rain to Flames

From Ice to Fire, From Rain to Flames
How can a single being touch my soul and carry my heart?
How can one touch my heart and set me free?
Even as I don't pretend to be someone but myself, or someone I'm not.
A single shiver let's me know I'm awake,
That I'm not dreaming;
That reality is finally better than my dreams.
What life without love is better than the subconscious of the night?
Where the only things surrounding me with warmth and safety are the sheets I sleep beneath.
I wish to never lose this feeling,
this warm tingling in my chest,
this fuzzy fluttering in my stomach.
How can it be that my dreams don't seem as great?
Because I've found something better,
something to keep me going through the storm.
The continuous, everlasting storm,
the rain and clouds that always surround;
how can it be that the rain turns to flames,
and every last word evaporates when just being in the presence of the loving.
How would I know that the cold, desolate heart of ice could feel the warmth of fire and flames?
When the owner of that heart never thought possible.
Is it wrong to visualize this as a one-time, terminable thing?
That one such as I could be scared of this ending as it has before,
Is it bad to feel paranoid,
that every moment could be the last,
every memory could be tarnished,
that I would be the only unable to let go should it head south?
Could the ice extinguish the flames that warm my soul?
Or am I just scared that a love can't be had,
that all the seconds of eternity wouldn't be long enough?
From ice to fire, from rain to flames,
This heart has irrevocably and completely changed.
The ice cold is bearable now,
because of the heat melting through,
just as easily through my barriers;
the ones I surround myself with too.
It isn't effortless to reach my heart through the many walls placed around it,
though with ease you seem to float passed as if they were non-existent.
How is it possible for this to be painless?
What you do just by breathing is more than I could ever ask for.
The bitter cold is beginning fade,
and trickle down till all that's left is what was inside the barricaded confinement.
Without what you've given me, I'd have never been free.
It wasn't only love or you that you'd given,
Also the will and courage to fly,
To spread the wings so long ago forgotten.
From ice to fire, from rain to flames,
I'd give up everything,
I love you all the same.


  1. Awesome, Rach. (yes, I get it) :)

    Perfect song too...

    grams xoxo

  2. This is fantastic Rachael! You got it girl! :)