Friday, April 6, 2012

It's only life

We only wish for things in our life that make us feel; feel what other things or people don't. That's why we have friends, love, favorites and hobbies. This is what I wish for:
To be able to write my book and eventually publish it. It's been my dreams to be a successful writer.

To be friends with the same group of people. I'm sick and tired of losing people close to me.

To not feel like life is too complicated to live it.

To see the sunrise without a care in the world, only the rebirth of a new day as the sun climbs the sky.

I want to be able to be good enough for myself, and do good enough for myself and everyone else.

I don't want to feel weak anymore because I know I'm not.

I want a relationship that doesn't end in a fight. "Because everytime we start to fight, we never seem to get it right, and everytime you make me cry, I love you a little bit more."

That people could see me as I am, especially you.

Not to have to fake it.

That one day it won't hurt to hear the words you once said to me.

Because someday, I could be happy again too. I deserve it.
But I guess we all want. That's only life.

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