Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Within a Dream

I've loved but haven't seen, all I've seen was a life within a dream. Now it will completely stay, as if I'm dreaming my whole life away. All that we do see, is it a life within a dream?
If life is what's left out, then what am I screaming about? Thus I am in too deep. I think I thought that I shall weep. Weep, why weep? Can any mountain be too steep?
Rather if it's falling off a mountain, or playing in a fountain. I don't know what kind of dream this is. Whether it's a nightmare or a dream, I'm still lonely and still unseen.

Whether the world is in a flood, or has falling droplets of blood; hurt or pain, tears or rain. I just want to wake up from my bed, because the whole wide world seems so dead.
I've drowned from my own eye's tears, and been scared by my own true fears. I'm in a circle of invisibility unseen. I can't see them either. How can this be?

My own true sorrow now awaken, though my heart has many times been taken. Through times it is still breaking. To the world I am unknown, all I love, I guess I loved alone.
I'll take the chance and turn away. Night is taken away by day. I'll take the chance that I've been given. In agony and suffering from this world, I'll keep living. I'll keep on living.
Life within a dream isn't what is seems. One day I'll wake up, and it will all just be a dream.
Poetry By Rachael Soderstrom (:

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  1. Fantastic the way you do your blogs!