Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing, an Impractical Dream, and DC Comics Mistake...

    We all want so many things in this life time ranging from socks, a new house, a new car, a boyfriend, a girl friend, pants that actually fit, and money. Every one is different, even if some of the wants and things they dream are the same. Like for instance, for my fifteenth birthday, i wanted a Batman cake. What fifteen year old girl actually wants a Batman cake? Heh?
    My dream was squashed today like a bug. I wanted to write a book that would include characters from DC Comics; Batman, Joker, Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Foxx... but I read a list of things they do not dish out permission of use of their characters for and that includes novels. I can't believe after all this time it was for nothing. I wasted five freaking years. All those late nights, inspirational talks with friends, dreams, movie research, comic research... all for nothing. I'm left with nothing but words that will never mean something to the world. What's the purpose of following your dreams if people and companies like DC Comics don't permit usage of their characters to individual writers who want to A). make something more of the characters that DC Comics have name of and B). create something new and exciting.
    Honestly, I'm crushed. As my picture shows above, I'm utterly head over heels for Batman. T-shirts, birthday parties, drawings, movies, inspiration, logos, etc... all Batman and still, it's over. I've written more than 200 pages worth of a story and I'll never get to show the world.
In times of need, writing was my outlit and my savior. It helped me get through rough times in my life. It's hard to say that I'm not allowed to publish this book. So much work wasted over a five year span of effort, research, imagination, creativity and inspiration.
I just wish thing could have turned out better. Five years wasted and I could have had a different book finished. Now I have to start all over again, write something new, from scratch. I can see crabbiness in the near future. Hell, I even had actors and actresses picked out for when I'd make the movie. Is that sad? It's also just how I picture my characters looking like anyways.

Jensen Ackles - Mason Miller (Mine)

Christian Bale- Batman/Bruce Wayne (DC)

Michael Caine- Alfred Pennyworth (DC)

Olivia Wilde- Dr. Adrian (Mine)

Kate Beckinsale- Natasha Mckallister (Mine)

Amanda Seyfried-Elizabeth Collins (Mine)

I was so looking forward to this. For those of you that know these characters or have read some or all of the chapters, this is how i pictured them. Some of them were still being decided.


  1. I think you can still salvage your book, Rach. You would have to take out the main names that are from Batman, and replace them with new ones.

    Don't give up. It's still a good story!

    I love you!
    Grams xoxo♥

  2. There are writers still making new garaphic novels Rachael! I told you that the site you stumbled upon for DC was listing it's "regular" contact info. It's not going to tell every Joe Schmoe how to flood their office with emails, letters, m...anuscripts etc. Once you have a literary agent they will have the contact info needed for submissions. Do NOT give up. I believe in you. Your story will be heard. It just might transpire a bit differently than you had pictured and that is ok. Sometimes there are rocks in our path, but our journey remains the same. Love you Pookie!

  3. I love your book! it deserves to be heard and read about by everyone! You're an amazing writer. :) The characters might have to change, but this story can still be your dream :D you're one true love... BATMAN! so there's no time to just throw this dream away i mean 5 years a long time and the creativity of the story is endless. The riddles the cliff hangers EVERYTHING! You can do it. I know you can.